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Frequently Asked Question

Resume Checker is an automated service by ezJobs that analyzes and reviews your resume to help you enhance its quality and increase your chances of attracting potential employers.

You upload your resume to Resume Checker, and our system uses advanced algorithms to assess its content, structure, and formatting. We provide you with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Yes, your data is secure with ezJobs. We implement strong encryption and secure storage practices to protect your personal information and resume details. We also follow GDPR guidelines, which are the set of laws that include detailed requirements for companies and organisations on collecting, storing and managing personal data.

You will receive feedback on various aspects of your resume, including content quality, keyword optimization, grammar and spelling, and overall formatting. We also provide actionable tips to enhance each section.

The resume review process typically takes less than 30 seconds. Once you upload your resume, you will receive a detailed analysis and feedback almost instantly.

Yes, Resume Checker is a free service.

Yes. If you provide a job description, alongside your Resume, this tool will look for the most relevant keywords and see if you are missing any. This will improvide your chances or making it through companies ATS automated keyword scanners.

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