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Creating a cover letter with ezJobs's AI is straightforward. Simply copy-paste the available text from your Resume, along with the job description, and click on the 'Create Cover Letter' button. Our AI will quickly generate the custom cover letter for you.

A cover letter acts as a way a new employer can be introduced to you and at the same time justifies why you are the right fit for the position. In contrast with a curriculum vitae that shows your past jobs and qualifications, this document enables you to explain how your experience relates to the job and highlights your non-technical capabilities as well as eagerness towards both the specific position and organization. One of its main purposes is to check whether or not an applicant meets their requirements concerning job specifications and organizational culture.

A strong cover letter should start with an introductory paragraph that identifies the job you are interested in and briefly explains why you are attracted to the position and company. If someone already working there recommended you for the job, mention their name. Conclude by writing one or two paragraphs providing more details about your skills and training qualifications as they relate to how they make you a good candidate for that position. Further, indicate that you have knowledge of the company’s mission and values and how your objectives align with them. Lastly, end with a conclusion reiterating your passion for the position and acknowledging readers’ attention.

A strong cover letter should begin with an introduction that mentions the job title and summarizes your interest in the position and the company. If someone within the company referred you, include their name. Follow with one or two paragraphs detailing your relevant qualifications and skills, focusing on how they make you a strong candidate for the role. Show that you understand the company’s mission and values and explain how your goals align with theirs. Conclude with a paragraph reiterating your enthusiasm for the job and thanking the reader for their consideration.

When writing your cover letter, it's best to address it to the hiring manager. You can usually find their name on the job posting or the company's website. Let's say the hiring manager's name is Anita Kawfee. In that case, you would start your letter with 'Dear Anita Kawfee.' To be inclusive and avoid making assumptions about gender, it's a good idea to use the person's full name without any titles like Mr., Ms., or Mx. If you can't find the name, a general greeting like 'Dear hiring manager' is perfectly fine.

Conclude your cover letter with a brief paragraph that thanks the reader for their time and reiterates your interest in the role and the company. Follow this with a closing phrase such as 'Sincerely,' 'Thank you,' or 'Best,' and then your full name. You might also include your contact information below your name, unless it’s already provided in a header at the top.

Even if a cover letter is optional, it's beneficial to submit one. It shows your willingness to go the extra mile and gives you a chance to highlight why you’re a strong fit for the role and the company. Writing a cover letter also allows you to convey your personality, helping you stand out from other candidates.

A cover letter generator is a tool that simplifies the process of writing cover letters. Using AI, it helps you create a professional and tailored cover letter quickly. You don’t need extensive knowledge of cover letter writing or formatting—just input your basic details and the specifics you want to include, and the generator will produce a personalized cover letter in seconds.

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